Parklife session 13th June

11 June 2019 - By Becky Grimwood

This Thursday you have 3 choices.

  1. Stay in, look forlornly at the grey sky and wish you were running.
  2. Run a higher-intensity effort session trial at the track (see Scott’s post)
  3. Run Parklife! Parklife!

Thursday it WILL be about the joggers who go round and round.…two of Witham’s finest parks to be exact (ok, so one is a field…)

Kerry and I eagerly await the fun loving members who will enjoy a sense of enormous wellbeing generated by being outside on the grass in this lovely Summer weather (ok, so it might rain…)

If you put (your) trousers on, have a cup of tea, and think about leaving the house…here is what to expect:

  • Meet at the leisure centre no later than 7:30pm for a briefing upstairs.
  • Group warm up jogs and dynamic stretches at the park.
  • Running with similar paced runners you will be completing a pyramid-style park session. *Ooooh new*
  • Running efforts – 1 lap of park A, 2 laps of park B, 3 laps of park A, 2 laps of park B, 1 lap of park A. You will then cross through to the other park and repeat the pyramid until the approx 30 minutes finishes.
  • You choose the running pace based on your desired effort – this session is for all abilities and personalities (slow/fast/happy/grumpy/sleepy/fit/unfit/competitive/social). If you need guidance on pace, please just ask.
  • Recoveries between park laps will be a walk in between the 2 parks (you’ll need it after 3 laps!)
  • Cool down jog and stretches back at the leisure centre.

Technique and skills to be discussed at the briefing and heartily encouraged during the session.

So if your head is in a Blur about what to do, come and join Kerry and me and then you’ll be happy for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge that there will always be bit of (your) heart devoted to….Parklife.

See you Thursday!

(Apologies for all the song lyrics)

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