NHS ‘Thank You’ Hamper from WRC

1 January 2021 - By Tom Ashley

Dear members and a happy new year to you all.

We have all felt the impact of the covid-crisis in many different ways, whether you have been ill yourself, had to self-isolate, or known someone who has had to fight the virus. We have all had to be creative and self-motivated with our approach to running, training and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Throughout it all, our wonderful NHS heroes have done a fantastic job through some of the most challenging times and continue to do so. As we begin 2021 it would be nice that the club shows its gratitude by providing a range of gifts that will be taken to Broomfield Hospital. These can be chocolates, biscuits, toiletries, even unwanted yet perfectly good gifts etc.

If this is something you feel you can contribute to then please either leave at mine (please contact me if you don’t know where I live) or I will be happy to come and collect from your doorstep at an agreed time.

I will be arranging the drop off next Sunday (10th Jan) so please can I have any items by next Saturday (9th Jan).


Kind regards and stay both healthy and happy.



Kit Secretary


  1. Nicholas Looby Nicholas Looby says:

    Can I have your address please Tom? – Many thanks – Nick Looby

  2. Haydeh Safavi Haydeh Safavi says:

    Can I please have your address Tom or if you are in the area I live in Wickham Bishops. Many thanks for doing this.
    Haydeh Safavi

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