Membership and our Facebook Group

19 May 2020 - By Jason Lilley

Hello all.

We are making a change to the way prospective new members interact with us on Facebook.  From now on, prospective members will be encouraged to follow our newly created Facebook page to see what the club is like, rather than being added to our Facebook group.

We are very keen to attract new members but believe that being part of our Facebook community should be a benefit of membership.  This change will also help us to manage the group more easily, as we will not need to continually add/remove people.

The newly created Facebook page will operate in a similar way to our Instagram or Twitter accounts.  It will act as an advert to direct interested parties to our website and allow them to ask questions.  The intention is not to take any focus away from our website, but it makes sense to have a presence on Facebook as this is where a lot of our enquiries come from.

The nature of the Facebook group will not change at all, and members should continue to use it for discussion in exactly the same way as they always have.

Please could I ask any existing members who have not yet renewed your membership to do so as soon as possible.  I will be reviewing the Facebook group over the next couple of weeks and removing those without a current membership.

If you are interested in membership but haven’t signed up yet, please do – we’d love to have you on board!  Don’t forget we now have Virtual Memberships available here.

If you are facing difficulties at the moment or have reasons for wanting to remain a member of the group, please email me at

Thanks, and happy running!


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