May Day 10 needs your support!

11 March 2018 - By Steve Hennings

Hopefully you are aware that we are hosting the May Day 10 race on Bank Holiday Monday May 7th.

There are a wide range of activities which we need club members (or their family members!) to help with. These include:

  • course setup
  • setup inside and outside the rugby club
  • giving out the runner packs
  • helping with pre-race parking
  • helping with the baggage storage
  • marshalling out on the course
  • manning the water stations
  • giving out T-shirts / water after the race
  • assisting in the kitchen for tea/coffees
  • selling cakes

We would also like to introduce pacers in the event as we think this would be a good selling point for the race. However we can only do this if we have enough volunteers.

The race starts at 10:00. The setup tasks require volunteers from 7:30, pre-race tasks will require volunteers from 8:00 / 8:15, the ‘during race’ tasks from 8:30, and the post-race tasks from around 9:00. Some tasks finish earlier than others, and so hopefully there is a range of tasks that will match your availability if you are only able to commit to some of the morning.

If you can help on the day, it is really important to let us know in advance as this will help us to plan who is doing what ahead of race day. Please use the volunteer button or let us know when we next see you. Let us know if you have any time constraints for the day, and whether you have a preferred task.

We know that there a few of you who have already entered to run and would request that you look to try and help out on one of the pre-race roles which are suitable for taking part in the race, or alternatively we will gladly take a family member to help instead.

Many thanks,
Marc (May Day 10 Race Director) / Steve Hennings (Chief Marshal)


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