Guidance for Transferring of Race Numbers

14 September 2021 - By Jo smythe

As we have had quite a few new members over the last year I wanted to bring your attention to the website for the Essex Athletic Association which oversees the Essex County Championships, link at bottom of home page, but in particular the guidance for transferring of race numbers.  The basic rule is that you should always contact the race organiser to transfer places in order to stay on the right side of the rules. Some extracts below.

Running a race using somebody else’s number without informing the organiser is strictly prohibited. 

The race organiser may not allow number transfers.

Running in somebody else’s name apart from being against the rules damages the integrity of the results, can affect team results and age category winners and have health and safety implications in the event of an accident.  Any member known to run in another runner’s number may be subject to race sanctions. You may also be banned from taking part in other races as outlined below.

This could also affect our club affiliation.

Numbers are issued to the individual athlete completing the application form except with the specific authority of the Competition Provider. Athletes who receive transferred numbers without permission will be disqualified from the race. Both runners will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate National Association.


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