Final Teams & Instructions for Ekiden Sunday 15th July

10 July 2018 - By Carina Taylor

The time has come to get ready for Ekiden this weekend.  Looks like it could be another hot day for us runners.

Please see all the final teams for the day.  The race is set in the grounds of Woodbridge School, Woodbridge, IP12 4JH.

Please let me know if you wish to bring cakes or any other delicious treats.

When you arrived at Woodbridge School parking is limited so please car share if possible.  We will have a gazebo up on the grounds of the school.

Remember to bring food, drinks, chairs or blankets and more important your sun cream.

The race starts at 10:20 please can the first runners unsure the arrive by 9:20, legs 2 & 3 before 9:45 all remaining legs by 11am.

Please make your way to the Witham gazebo to pick up your race number and chip.  Please arrive in time as there will be lots of runners to organise for the race.

More details of the event can be found:


Leg Name Distance
1 Ruth Mizon 7.2km
2 Sasha Rush 5km
3 Emma Austin 10km
4 Carina Taylor 5km
5 Anita Grainger 10km
6 Haydah Safavi 5km


Leg Name Distance
1 Louise Pascoe 7.2km
2 Becky Grimwood 5km
3 Rachel Sweatt 10km
4 Liz Stuckey 5km
5 Elizabeth Prior 10km
6 Rebecca Booty 5km


Leg Name Distance
1 Steve Hennings 7.2km
2 Simon Scott 5km
3 Dave Campbell 10km
4 David Grainger 5km
5 Kevin Harper 10km
6 Graham Eyre 5km


Leg Name Distance
1 Giles Sowerby 7.2km
2 Jason Lilley 5km
3 Owen Dare 10km
4 Gavin Moore 5km
5 Steven Watson 10km
6 Pete Riley 5km


Leg Name Distance
1 Lee Blake 7.2km
2 Natalie Lilley 5km
3 James Montgomery 10km
4 Nick Inns 5km
5 Colin Short 10km
6 Emma Inns 5km



Carina & Bill – Captains

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