Feedback on Tuesday start times

12 May 2021 - By Elizabeth Prior

I’m here to ask you about our current Tuesday runs!

Pre-covid we used to meet all together at 7:30pm and would start the run shortly after. Currently, members are able to join one of two routes based on pace; under 9min/miles or over 9:30min/miles, both of which meet at 6:30pm and set off in groups of no more than 6 people. Due to the restrictions easing, people are gradually returning to offices and commuting so the 6:30pm meet might no longer be suitable. With this in mind, we want to check in with you all.

We’d like to strike the right balance of meeting our members preferences as well as their needs, so we’ve created super simple survey. The first question asks what times you are able to make (you can pick as many times as you like) and the second question asks what time you would most prefer to meet.

Here is the survey link:

The survey closes next Wednesday at midnight and the committee will discuss the results. We’ll re-run the same poll periodically to make sure the start time remains suitable for as many people as possible.

Thank you!

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