Do you have a favourite road race?

29 October 2018 - By Liz Stuckey

It’s time to vote for the race which you think was the best organised in 2018, within the County of Essex.

The race must be completely on road and you have to consider the nuts and bolts of an efficiently organised race i.e. parking, changing facilities, signage, marshalling, results service, presentations, etc.

The winner’s win the Howard Williams Trophy.

If you would like to vote please either post below, speak to me at the club or email me via the contact us page.



  1. Steve Hennings Steve Hennings says:

    Maldon 5k Summer Race series

  2. Bill Smythe says:

    May day 10

  3. Giles Sowerby Giles Sowerby says:

    Halstead Marathon

  4. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    May Day 10

  5. Marc Underdown Marc Underdown says:

    I am biased, but I truly believe the collective efforts of everybody made May Day 10 better than other other races.

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