Cross Country – explained!

7 September 2021 - By Natalie Lilley

With XC season fast approaching, we’re aware that there are lots of different races coming up, so we thought it might be useful to try and provide a round-up for our newer members, and a refresher for those of us that haven’t been able to get out in the mud for the last couple of seasons!

The Essex Cross Country Championship season consists of League and individual races.
There are individual races to determine county cross country champions, from kids (not detailed here), up to vets. The dates of these races are as follows:


  • Essex XC Relays – one off event to determine the county relay champions – Saturday 2nd October (see post )
  • Essex Vets – one off event to determine the county Vets champions – Saturday 4th December
  • Essex Seniors – one off event to determine the county Senior (18-39) champions – Saturday 8th Jan

We will post details and entry forms for these individual races as they come up – they are open to all affiliated (ie, EA licensed) members.

In addition to this, there is a County Saturday league, plus various local XC Sunday leagues across the county – WRC is part of the “NESS” (North Essex/South Suffolk) Sunday league.


The NESS League is the league that WRC take most interest in as a competition.  It is limited to clubs who are members of the league, so no open entries, only members of the 11  clubs involved – we will post up FULL details of the NESS set-up and fixtures soon, but see this post  for the currently agreed dates. The first race isn’t until November, but we will be calling for runners and bakers well before then 😊


The Essex Saturday League is attended by clubs from all over the county, and it’s pretty competitive.  While it is a League/team set-up, we are able to just turn up and run individually for Witham. Historically, we’ve struggled for numbers on the Saturday races, so we don’t generally put a scoring team out – therefore it’s really just an opportunity for people who like running XC to run a few more races. This is still open to all affiliated runners, and we will keep you informed of fixtures, but attendance and registration is down to the individual.


Hopefully that removes some of the mystery around all the various XC posts and mentions recently. Please do ask us if you have any questions.

Adam & Nat


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