Cromwell Hill (Maldon) – Hills Session – Thursday

19 February 2020 - By Karen Flowers

This week’s speed development session is on Cromwell Hill in Maldon.
As most of you know hills are beneficial to your training as they help develop strength and endurance – good for anyone doing a spring marathon!

Cromwell is a shorter, sharper relation to Market Hill, but as the road is blocked off by bollards it is relatively quiet traffic wise, meaning we can use the full width of the road.

We will meet at the Tesco Car Park at 7:30pm near the Click & Collect and from there we will jog to the bottom of Market Hill for some dynamic stretches

The session will be a continuous 30 minutes, with the uphill being the hard effort at about Tempo Pace (the road is only 120m in distance). The downhill stretch will then be your recovery – this should be done either as a gentle jog or walk. A note though to anyone with knee issues – please listen to your body and slow done your recovery to a walk if necessary to avoid injury.

Once the session is complete we will jog back to Tesco for a cool down set of stretches

The technical focus on the night will be your arms – effective arm movement in running helps to drive your legs forward – especially up hills. We will get you to focus on your arms being at right angles driving backwards and being close to your torso. When you are powering up the hill your stride should be shorter to quicken your leg turnover and push off the front foot.

Anyone who was at this session in November will know that its a tough one (especially with me coaching!!!) but definitely not one to miss!

I will be leaving my car at the bottom of the hill so you will be able to leave your things with me.

The temperature will be about 5 degrees with a possibility of rain but don’t let that put you off! Look forward to seeing you all there!!!

Karen & Rachel

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