Colchester Stampede Half Marathon – 2 free places up for grabs

3 August 2018 - By Steve Hennings

Colchester Stampede Half Marathon, on Sunday 9th September, have offered 2 free places to club members.

Whilst it clashes with the Langham 10k this year, if you are interested I’ll need your full name, DOB and email address.

I will draw names out of a hat on Sunday at 6pm.



  1. Sandy Karl says:

    I know I am new and I might not be as fast as others but I have done a half marathon before and keen to go built up my training and competitions

  2. Terry Alabaster Terry Alabaster says:

    Hello Steve, put my name in the hat please. 18/03/1964

  3. Terry Alabaster Terry Alabaster says:

    Cancel that. Orders from a higher authority. No can do.

  4. Sandy Karl says:

    forgot add the details required
    Sandy Karl; 01/08/1985;

  5. Martyn Byford Martyn Byford says:

    Penny Clarke details advised

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