CMOTM August

22 September 2021 - By Bill smythe


Congratulations to Andy Notley, Club Member of The Month for August. Andy took part in the London Triathlon Weekend Warrior. The idea is to complete as many triathlons as possible during the weekend with the winner being the person who completes the furthest distance. Andy completed 5 Triathlons – 3 Olympic Distance, 1 Sprint and 1 Super Sprint which was a total of 193.15km in a total time of 9 hours and 47 minutes. Andy came 3rd overall and was first in his age category.

Other great nominations were;

  1. Terry Alabaster – For taking around 2 hours off his SVP time and running 50k at OutRun 24
  1. Karen Flowers – For completing her first 50k at SVP50k
  1. Sarah Naughton – For taking over an hour off her SVP50k time
  1. Sasha Rush – For running 45 miles at OutRun 24
  1. Pete Banks – For Running 100k at OutRun 24
  1. Andrew Read –Andrew was talked into taking part in Outrun 24 having never run more than 13 miles and not quite sure what he had signed up for. He was a great team player, doing his share of the legs with enthusiasm and he kindly helped Brigid out on the night stages. When we finished the relay on Sunday and added up the mileage, Andrew had run a fantastic 35miles (32.5 official plus one with Brigid at night). He is now officially an ultra-runner and looking forward to his next venture!
  1. Jodee Mayer – After waiting 2 years to run the Hare and Tortoise Coastal Series Races the fact, they put them on over 8 days didn’t put Jodee off and Jodee ran all 4 races. Jodee also had a Farleigh Hospice charity trail 5 mile in amongst these 4 races. Having run 5 races in 8 days you would expect Jodee to hang-up her trainers for a while, but not Jodee – as determined as ever she refuses to DNS and ran both SVP and the H&T 24hr Outrun where with the other members of In It to Gin It they came first in their category.

Well done all

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