Club Running Etiquette – Reminder

14 January 2020 - By Jason Lilley

It is fantastic to see so many turning out for club runs recently, but this makes it all the more important for groups to stay together properly.  With this in mind, in the interests of safety, please see below a brief reminder of proper running etiquette on our Tuesday night sessions.

1. Run as a group. This may sound simple and obvious but it is amazing the amount of times that people don’t. Join a group that runs at roughly your pace and stay in it. If it is too fast or too slow, change groups at the next session.

2. If you do have to change group mid-session, remember to let both group leaders know. If you don’t, your old group may be looking for you and your new group won’t know you have joined them.

3. If you want to drop down a group for an easier paced run, remember to run at that group’s pace. Do not lead the group or run with the front runners as this will invariably push the pace.

4. Do regular turn-backs to keep the group together. You won’t all be able to run at the same pace every week so turn-backs are a good way of ensuring that no-one gets left behind. Remember, nobody comes to a club sessionto run on their own! Proper turn-backs involve running back to behind the last runner in your group, rather than waiting for them to catch up while you have a rest.

5. Don’t go speeding off the front of your group. If you are regularly runningoff the front of your group then it is time to move up to the next one. Similarly if you are always being dropped by your group, consider moving down one until your speed or endurance improves.

6. Enjoy yourselves!


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