Club Policy – Gentle Reminder

20 March 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Just a little reminder about a few club policies, for those that are new and those that may not have known/forgotten.


Running Under Another Person’s Number

Don’t do it. There are loads of reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but maybe the most important one is that, if you get found out, it can get you banned from running in any future races. It can also get the club in trouble with UK Athletics. Most races give a very decent amount of time to get the number legally transferred over, and if you’re too late, tough luck. Chairman Underdown did a post about this a few years back which details the info from UK Athletics, and can be found here.


Club Records

With the exclusion of our internal club 5k races, in order to have a club record recorded, you need to have registered under Witham Running Club when you signed up to the race, and also be wearing the club colours when you run in the race. This is outlined in the Club Constitution.




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