Club Champs is Back!

17 November 2021 - By James Blackshaw

Put simply…the club championship is back for 2022. After a covid-induced hiatus throughout 2020 & 2021, we are now in a position where we can reinstate this club competition. If you don’t know what the club championship involves, either because you are new or maybe because it’s been so long you’ve simply forgotten, then there is a detailed explanation of the rules here.

However, in a medium sized nutshell, the club champs is thus: 3 or more races are picked for each of the 5 standard distances (5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, and HM), and if you participate in any of these races then you will get a score based on how fast you run. This score is calculated by pitting your time against the fastest known time for that distance by someone of the same age and gender (in the world). For each distance your best score is automatically picked and totalled with all the other distances. You can also pick up points in other ways, such as representing the club in one of the affiliated races (NESS XC, Essex Way relays, etc), or also volunteering/marshalling at one of the WRC events. Your total score is then plugged into a league table with all the other members, and the runner at the top at the end of the year is the winner.

You don’t have to apply to take part, as you’re already entered by default by virtue of being a WRC club member. And it is important to remember that the fastest runners do not necessarily win, because the scores are age-graded, which means theoretically it is anyone’s for the taking.

Please see the list of chosen races for 2022 here. Please also remember that you get one wildcard entry, which means you can choose one race that isn’t listed in the champs to use in your scoring.


Good luck everyone!


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