Christmas Virtual Speed Development – Champions Reverse Pyramid

21 December 2020 - By Scott Darney

Please note, whilst we have 2 training days over the festive period (Thursday 24th & 31st) we are only providing you with one session over the festive period as we hope that members will use one of the session days to run the Virtual BD5.  If however you are not running the VBD5 and you need a session then why not use the search function to find a suitable virtual session already provided?

We also advise you not run your virtual race and the Champions Reverse Pyramid in the same week – Please leave appropriate recovery time in between.

With many of our members signed up to this years virtual edition of our annual BD5 (sign up here) we thought we would bring you a session from someone outside the club who knows a thing or two about how to run the BD5.

Callum Charleston‘s name may be familiar to those of you who glance towards the top end of the results list over the last few years as he has won our the race for the last 2 years running (after finishing 2nd and 3rd in the 2 years prior).  His winning time last year was 24:44 which equates to 5 x sub 5 minute miles.

Whist he currently runs with Aldershot Farham & District, Callum is an Essex boy having grown up in the county and previously running with Chelmsford AC. He left to study for his degree in Sports Science at St Mary’s Uni and has been running with Aldershot Farnham & District since.

At 23, he very much still has his own running goals and ambitions but this doesn’t stop him from helping others with his coaching team at NewEra Running Coaching.

Callum describes team NewEra as:

“NewEra Running Coaching is an online coaching team established in 2018.

Our vision for Team NewEra is so much more than coaching.  Our primary goals are to help people run faster, to reach their goals in an injury-free and enjoyable fashion. But we also want to create a community; a community of runners who improve themselves every single day by doing what makes them happy, a community which is continually learning from each other, supporting each other and ultimately achieving with each other.

Our vision is so much more than just a training plan, its to supply the guidance, support, patience, opinion, experience, structure and knowledge to those of you who don’t have a coach, who are unsure of what they should be doing, and who would benefit from being surrounded by a team who cares for them as people and runners.”

Further details of NewEra can be found on their WebsiteInstagram or Facebook.

Which brings us nicely to the session!

Callum has provided us with a Reverse Pyramid session which is ideal for training for a 5 mile race.

As usual we are providing you with shorter version of the session to fit more in line with the 30 minutes standard session but also provided is the full session as provided by Callum for those who have the necessary fitness and condition to perform safely:

The short version is as follows:

  • 4 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 3 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 2 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 1 minute / 90s recovery
  • 2 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 3 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 4 minutes

Total Session time : 28 mins (19 minutes running / 9 mins recovery)

The full version is as follows:

  • 5 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 4 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 3 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 2 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 1 minute / 90s recovery
  • 2 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 3 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 4 minutes / 90s recovery
  • 5 minutes

Total Session time : 41 mins (29 minutes running / 12 mins recovery)

The idea is to aim for 5 mile pace from the start and to try and progress into the second half with faster splits.  With this in mind it’s important not to run the first half of the session too fast.  If you are not quite in shape then please adjust your pace accordingly.  This session can also be performed at your tempo if you are not quite ready for 5 mile pace.

The usual guidelines apply:

  • Please ensure that you perform a suitable 10-15 minute warm up jog and cool down jog, appropriate dynamic warm up (raising HR gradually) and post run stretches as per your usual routine.
  • Please abide by the current government guidelines with regards to how many people you can run with etc and if you are not sure please feel free to ask a coach or committee member.
  • Please wear the appropriate lighting and or reflective or high-viz clothing when running in the dark.

Thanks to Callum for providing the session and thanks for all our runners for turning up every week and putting themsevles through the weekly speed development sessions either in groups or virtually on your own!

We really hope that next year we will start to see more group training, running and racing!

Merry Christmas all!





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