Christmas Virtual 5k – With A Twist!

15 December 2020 - By James Blackshaw

So, unfortunately we had to cancel our Christmas 5k due to the change to tier 3 for some parts of Essex. However, in lieu of that, we’ve organised a team 5k, which absolutely anyone can win!

The rules are simple:

  • It’s for teams of 3, so assemble yourself (virtually, of course) with two other club members, decide on a team name, and then fill in the entry form below (for each team member)
  • Feel free to use the Facebook post as a place to form/join a team.
  • As part of the entry form, you need to submit a previous 5k time. Ideally this will be a recent PB (real or virtual), but if that’s not available then you can use your all-time PB. (If you’re really struggling, contact me and I’ll try to calculate something for you based on other race times).
  • Please don’t sandbag your previous PB entry. If you win I might check your Strava to make sure you weren’t telling fibs. And if you’re lying I’ll tell Santa.
  • I’ll add up the total for the current PBs for each team, and then your race times, and the winning team are the ones who beat their total time by the largest percentage. This way, it doesn’t matter whether you take 30 mins or 17 mins to run a 5k – everybody stands roughly the same chance.
  • When you’ve run your 5k please post a Strava screenshot on FB, and also please mark the activity as a ‘race’ on Strava, as we had a few watch-stoppers last time, which is basically cheating. If you’re not on FB, then message me through the miracle of the internet.
  • Your run should be a loop or an out and back.
  • You must run 3.106 miles, or 5 kilometres.
  • You can run the 5k anytime from Thursday right up until midnight Sunday. Please post your screenshot by Monday lunchtime.


Good luck everyone, get teaming up! Any questions please let me know.


Thanks to Liz Prior (idea generation) and Jason Lilley (website wizardry) for enabling this to be pulled together so quickly.



Christmas Virtual 5k
I have read the WRC 'Return to Club Activities - Health Screening & Disclaimer' document and am able to answer 'No' to questions 1-4. I accept that all training is undertaken at my own risk and that it may be necessary to breach social distancing if medical treatment is required in an emergency. *
    • Bill Smythe – 20:50 – Top Tier Tinsel Tw*ts
    • Liz Prior – 23:55 – Top Tier Tinsel Tw*ts
    • James Blaxkshaw – 19:50 – Top Tier Tinsel Tw*ts
    • Dean Whittaker – 23:03 – Not Fast, Just Furious
    • Simon Cresswell – 20:55 – Not Fast, Just Furious
    • Andrew Watson – 22:16 – Not Fast, Just Furious
    • James Attenborough – 21:35 – Turn Back Trio
    • Danny Connor – 23:38 – Turn Back Trio
    • Adam Regan – 21:51 – Turn Back Trio
    • David Jobling – 23:34 (SB) – The 3 Musketiers
    • Clive Smith – 20.50 – The 3 Musketiers
    • Paul Thomas – 22:00 – The 3 Musketiers
    • Stephen Sawyer – 18:19 – Maldon MASSIVE
    • Angela Read – 29.50 – The Dino-Sores?
    • James Clarke – 24.21 – The Dino-Sores?
    • Andrew Read – 23.54 – The Dino-Sores?
    • David Mason – 22:17 – Maldon MASSIVE
    • Geoffrey Reddin – 24:00 – Maldon Massive
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – 00:36:06 – Lightning Bolts
    • Simon Scott – 20.06 – Lightning Bolts
    • Andrew Lager – 19.25 – Lightning Bolts
    • Andrew Lager – 19:25 – Lightning Bolts



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