Calling All Spring Marathoners!

6 March 2019 - By Scott Darney

Calling all Spring Marathoners!

Last year we shared our marathon stories in an article in the Witham & Braintree Times listing all our spring marathon runners and their stories.

I’m hoping to do more of the same this year and I would also like to share this on the club website this year so that your amazing club mates can support and send words of encouragement.

So if you are running a marathon between now and Halstead (including Halstead), can you please leave the following details for me but note that you do not have to reveal everything as I know that this can be very personal to allot of people but at the very least please can you let me know what marathon you are running!

Details wanted:

1. The Marathon you are planning to run.
2. Marathon goal – this can be a time or simply to complete your first or 100th marathon!
3. Reason for running your marathon – could be the same or similar to above, for instance to achieve a GFA time, for a PB, for a special birthday, for Charity, for a club record, to achieve a lifetime ambition, prove to yourself you can do it, that kind of thing.
4. Current PB or if you are making your debut.
5. Any other interesting facts or comments about this particular marathon that are worth mentioning.

Please feel free to include a picture of you either in a previous marathon or in a training run or race for your current marathon.

Please can you get your responses to me by Sunday night at the latest so that I can submit either next Monday or if not the following Monday.

You can leave your response in a comment below or email me on:




  1. Mark Austin says:

    Hi Scott,

    I will be entering both the London & Halstead marathons this year, I have several targets for the London Marathon, and this way im never disappointed whichever time I achieve. (current pb 3 hours 36 mins 20 sec.

    My main aim is to raise funds for the modernisation of a Tea room at Blackthorns care home situated in Halsted. Along with my mum there are 50 plus residents currently living at the home, all with different levels of dementia.
    An upgrade of the Tea room would offer a place to visit for the residents families and friends, when leaving the home is not an option.

    My just giving page is detailed below.

    Cheers Mark Austin

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