Bingo is Back!! This time with Cake

11 January 2021 - By Adam Regan

In an attempt to make up for how much we’re all missing Cross Country, we’ve come up with a refreshed version of Bingo, this time encouraging the same level of daft as getting up to your knees in mud & ice cold water all for a simple slice of cake, all before 9:30am on a Sunday..

There are 9 bingo squares, you have 4 weeks to complete your card but you can only cross off a maximum of 3 squares in any given run. Each Square requires a photo, mostly selfies because who doesn’t love those? There’s nothing stopping you doing 3 runs in 3 days but there’s no fun in that, as such I’d suggest 1 XC run per week. Whichever day of the week is fine, no limits on distances or pace etc

There is a bonus point available for the Animal square, an Alpaca picture will brighten everyone’s day, as such, these are actively encouraged and rewarded with said bonus point.

Cut off date for completed cards is February 10th, after that I will still accept Alpaca pictures.

If you have any questions or alpaca pictures, please get in touch!

WRC XC Bingo Card

With Lockdown Love,
Adam R

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