Attention 2020 Marathon Runners!

27 February 2020 - By Damien Walsh

I’m looking to put together some words for the local press in regards to our members marathon plans.

How is your Marathon Training going?

What Inspired you to sign up in the first place? (Is this your first, or why are you running another?) Charity, In memory of someone, PB’s, Records, Self improvement

What motivates you throughout your training?

How has Marathon training and the Goal of running the Marathon affected you physically and mentally? (Has it changed eating habits?, lifestyle?, Energy levels?, Self confidence?)

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who are thinking about signing up to run a Marathon in the near future? (Books, Podcasts, Training plans, Nutritional advice)

How has Witham Running Club assisted/supported you throughout your training?

I’m looking to build and present an article, don’t feel you have to answer all of the questions. You can even tell me in your way.


WRC Press Secretary

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