4 June 2021 - By Bill Smythe

Mental Will
Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.
Lynn Jennings

Tuesday Running Buddies 

If you would like to join one of the running buddies groups please speak to Karen Flowers for the 9.30+ or James Attenborough for the 6.30 – 9.00.

Tuesday Group meetings 

Once the restrictions have been lifted we are planning to meet again as one club and hopefully be able to complete a few pub runs before the nights draw in. With a lot of members working from home Tuesday groups have been starting at 6.30. A survey was sent out to ask members what start time they can and prefer to do once restrictions are lifted. The results have been reviewed and we will provide an update in the next few weeks.

Wednesday Strength and Conditioning 

Strength and conditioning training will continue on a Wednesday at 7PM for the rest of June.  We would like to make this a permanent session but need a good attendance to cover the costs. Why not come along and give it a try.

Why should you do strength and conditioning?

Does strength training help with running?

Yes it will increase endurance, reduce fatigue. It also helps your body to deal with the stresses of running.

How many times a week should a runner do strength training?

To improve your running performance you should be strength training twice a week but even once a week is better than none

Why is core strength important in running?

A strong core helps with your stability, balance and posture. Core training reinforces the way your pelvis, hips and lower back work together. 


Boston UK Marathon & Half Marathon

Special mention to Heydon Mizon who broke the club record and got a PB and Damian Walsh who got a PB at the half marathon.


36th – Heydon Mizon – 2:45:24 – Club Record/PB

65th – Charlie Pridmore – 2:51:48 – PB

72nd – Sean Darney – 2:52:45

Half Marathon

17th – Peter Coates – 1:15:17

27th – Damien Walsh – 1:17:55 – PB

56th – Andrew Smith – 1:23:40

Angles Way 50k Ultra

Gavin Laws took on this 50k trail run and finished in 4:54;28, officially coming in 2nd place.

Galleywood Gallop

Three of our regular trail runners were at this 6 mile Essex Trail Event race around Galleywood

Position Name Run Time
5 Andrew Lager 0:43:11
22 Terry Alabaster 0:53:09
23 Gerry Greenwold 0:53:13

Well done to everyone

 Self Isolation & support

If you are in self isolation, injured, need some support or just need someone to talk to, please reach out to WRC, I am sure all members would be happy to help. You can make contact with our welfare reps Dean and Jo through the website Contact link.


Stay safe.



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