AGM & Awards Details for Wednesday 24th February

22 February 2021 - By Liz Stuckey

As previously advised the AGM is taking place virtually via Zoom this year this Wednesday at 7.30pm

Everyone entitled to attend should have received an email with the details of the link to the Zoom Meeting.

If you have not received this email please contact our webmaster Jason on or via the contact us link

The documents you will need to view on the evening – Last Year’s Minutes, The Accounts, The Agenda and The WRC feedback Survey are all located in the members area of the website under Club Documents.

We would ask that if you can look at these documents before the evening and submit any questions you may have in advance so we can answer them on the evening.

If any voting needs to be actioned during the evening this will be done via Slido. If you type Slido into a search engine you will find the website. All details about how to vote will be given on the evening.

To track who attends we will also be asking you to use Slido to input your name or names if there are more than one of you on one Zoom account.

If you do want to ask a question on the evening then you will need to use the chat function on zoom to raise your hand. Depending on whether you use a laptop/tablet or phone will depend on where these functions are. On a laptop they are under Reactions and on a tablet/phone they are under more.

The chat function will also be used when nominating and seconding the new committee.

Following the formal AGM we will be Virtually awarding the awards that have been achieved last year.

If you have any further questions please ask

We look forward to seeing you Virtually on Wednesday

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