630’S to 9S Tuesday Groups (20TH OCT), 7PM Meet Leisure Centre

19 October 2020 - By James Attenborough

This week we’ll be meeting at the leisure centre at 7PM. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Please remember your high viz and headtorches/lights as these are essential to keep us safe!

We’ll be running Maltings route C, please memorise/print the route prior to coming.

Maltings Route C

As always please complete the disclaimer below before Tuesday 6.30pm, so that you are able to run on the night.

If there is no demand for a specific pace group then please drop down or up to the next pace.

Please state your preference for the pace below.

AKA Social Meal
    • Jodee Mayer
    • Jenny Layley and Jonathan Moore
    • Sue Shippey
    • Beth Shippey
    • Jon Shippey
    • Ben O’leary
    • Rachel Dingley
    • Lysia & Paul Jiggins
    • Celine & Gary Elson
    • Karen and John Flowers
    • Ann Johnson
    • Lisa Leader
    • Terry and Charlotte Alabaster
    • Colsey and Sandie Short
    • Clarice
    • Kerry Townsend
    • James Montgomery
    • Theresa Montgomery
    • Mike struthers
    • Caroline Robinson
    • Jen Donohoe
    • Karen Struhers
    • Penny Clarke
    • Patrick and Mary-Anne
    • Sasha Rush
    • Leanne Andrews
    • Scott Darney
    • Fiona Collins
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Bill & Jo Smythe
    • Libby Woodhull
    • Shane Ketteridge
    • Maxine Leech and Danny Connor
    • Penny Clarke
    • Stewart Waller & Jacq Filby
    • Hope Brough
    • Erin
    • Daniel Griffiths

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