630s to 9s Tuesday 4th Social Run @The Swan, Little Totham 6:30pm meet

3 May 2021 - By James Attenborough

This week we will be meeting in Little Totham at The Swan at 6:30pm with as prompt as possible leave. Please arrive early and respect the relevant social distancing when gathering outside the pub. There is a small car park but also road parking should be available too.

We have four tables reserved at the pub in the marquee so please state if you would like to come along after.

The trail option is back this week (Thanks to Andy Lager!)

The rural road route is approximately 5.3miles and is available here:


The trail route is a smidge longer at approximately 5.6miles and has a mix of both road and trail and Andy Advises road shoes will be fine.

The link is here:


Please familiarise yourself with the route beforehand. If you get lost another group shouldn’t be far behind. Please select your preferred pace and whether you want road or trail and buddy up accordingly in groups no bigger than six on the night.

If you want to come along to the run, you will need to complete the form below. Just fill in your name, check the box to confirm the health screening and disclaimer and submit your entry. When you have submitted your name successfully it will appear in a list at the bottom of the post. Please sign up no later than 4.00pm on Tuesday.

If you are new to Witham Running Club please drop me or Karen Flowers a message through this link:

https://www.withamrc.org.uk/contact/ so we can collect your details ahead of the run.

If your elected pace isn’t chosen by others, please move up/down a pace.

Tuesday 7:30+ Group
I have read the WRC 'Return to Club Activities - Health Screening & Disclaimer' document and am able to answer 'No' to questions 1-4. I accept that all training is undertaken at my own risk and that it may be necessary to breach social distancing if medical treatment is required in an emergency. *
    • Sally Hoyle – 8:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Rachel Dingley – 8:30 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Ben O’leary – 8:30 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Dean Whittaker – 8:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • James Attenborough – 8:30 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Dawn Shilling – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Andy Lager – 7:30 min/miles – Trail – No
    • Banksy – 7:30 min/miles – Trail – No
    • Katie Layley – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Terry Alabaster – 8:30 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Simon Scott – 8:00 min/miles – Trail – No
    • Gerry Greenwold – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Nick Looby – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Andy Watson – 8:00 min/miles – Trail – Yes
    • Mark Austin – 7:00 min/miles – Road – No
    • Andrew Read – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – No
    • Roo – 7:30 min/miles – Road – No
    • James Crisp – 7:30 min/miles – Trail – No
    • Andrew Read – 9:00 min/miles – Trail – No
    • James Crisp – 7:30 min/miles – Trail – No

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