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20 October 2020 - By Bill smythe

“Limitations are 90% mental and the other 10% is all in your head” – Ray Zahab 

Covid 19 

With the numbers on the rise it is important we are following the Government’s and EA guidance when we are running in groups. Please ensure you maintain social distancing especially before and after the runs. 

A return to some group running 

The running buddies groups have been extended to a maximum of 12 people to each group, see posts on website. If you wish to run you must read the disclaimer and complete the form for the group you wish to run with.


Please ensure you stay safe and wear some Hi-Viz when running and even consider wearing a light. It is very difficult to see runners when driving if they are not wearing anything reflective.


RunThrough Chase The Moon Olympic Park 10k – Wednesday 

Position Runner                        Time

8          Heydon Mizon               00:35:28

18        Scott Darney                 00:36:50

20        Pete Riley                     00:37:05

Running Grand Prix- Bedford Autodrome – Sunday 

Position Runner                       Time

14        Damien Walsh              00:36:19

20        Rob Frost                     00:36:49

24        Andrew Smith               00:37:27

36        Bijay Lama                    00:39:37

261       Sharon Read                 00:56:45

 Thursday Speed Development 

Speed sessions are now being carried out. There will be 2 groups with a maximum of 12 supported by the coaching team.  All members are welcome.

EA weekly 30 run challenge 

The EA weekly 30 continues with 5 members running this week. WRC finished 9th this week and remain in 15th in the overall team scores. You can still sign up and join the WRC team, it’s just 30 minutes each weekend. Competition ends on December 20th. Details in post.

Rogue Running – One for All Virtual race series 

This will be run from September until December with 4 different distances.  Full details are on website. 

Sportsshoes discount code 

Sportsshoes.com have offered us a discount on all purchases. There is a new code each month which must not be shared and is for WRC members use only. Please message me if you would like the code.

Self Isolation & support

If you are in self isolation and need some support please reach out to WRC, I am sure all members would be happy to help. There is also a post from Jason and Jo, our welfare reps on the website.

 Stay safe.


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