24/8 Thursday Speed Development

22 August 2023 - By David Jobling

Our session this Thursday is a newish one for us, 1-2-3 Staircase Sets x3 as below Garmin screenshot, and probably our last session at Witham Park in 2023 – it’s an easy session for your Garmin and we’ll have a whistle too.

Meet 7.30pm warmed up and ready to start at usual spot in the smaller of the two parks (///hothouse.enormous.utter).

The session continues getting us used to running at speed and recovering which we’ll aim to do by running repetitions at a level pace & recovering around and across the smaller park.

We’ll cover full details, pacing, recoveries and H&S on Thursday in our briefing, in meantime structure is below, Jodee and I look forward to meeting up with everyone.

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