Witham Community Day

4 June 2019 - By Marc Underdown

Firstly thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help at the Witham Community Day on Saturday, it is great to have so many people come forward – both new and long serving members. I’ve tried to ensure that no-one has to do more than 2 hours, and most will be required just for one hour, but don’t let it stop you staying for longer if you want and of course experiencing the rest of the stalls. If you’re on set up, we will probably look to setup around 9:45 (any car dropping off the gazebo will need to clear the park by 10am)

Setup Marc Underdown Adam Regan Dave Holdich Kevin Slattery
10:30 Dave Holdich Kevin Slattery Stewart Waller
11:30 Stewart Waller James Attenborough Jenny Layley
12:30 James Attenborough Jenny Layley Angela Read Andrew Read
13:30 Anita Grainger David Grainger Bill Smythe Jo Smythe
14:30 Karen Flowers Liz Prior Andy Lager Marc Underdown
Closedown Karen Flowers Liz Prior Andy Lager Marc Underdown

Entrance to Maldon Park (where we do the Parklife session) is via Kings Chase off the High St (opposite the Wetherspoons). We are situated on pitch 43 next to the burger and ice cream vans! There is no parking on site so you will need to park elsewhere and make your way into the park. I would suggest taking a chair unless you’re happy to stand.

We are doing this is to show our presence in the community. I don’t expect to gets hoards of people coming along as prospective members but hopefully we’ll have people wanting to know more about what we do. I’ll leave it with you to decide what to talk about, but here are some ideas: the range of standards we cater for, the summer pub runs, you make friends, team competitions, cheap compared to a gym, cross country, running being good for mental health, experience of being new to the club, the Thursday sessions, the cycling group, the awards dinner….

If there are any problems or you need any further information, give me a shout.



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