WRC Track Session – Thursday 13th June, 8:30pm, Tabor Academy (Braintree)

10 June 2019 - By Scott Darney


To sumarise:

  • Where: Tabor Academy/Braintree Leisure Centre, Braintree
  • When: Thursday 13th June, 8:15pm for off-track warm up, session starts 8:30pm.
  • How Much: Free – this trial session has been covered by WRC.
  • Who for: All members of WRC looking to work on speed.
  • Coaches: Scott Darney & Martyn Byford

Whilst the coaching team look to digest all of the results from the recent coaching survey, we have acted quick on one particular feedback point and decided to put on a trial track session this Thursday.

Track training is a great way to work on speed and form as it provides runners with accurately measured intervals, a flat smooth running surface and (hopefully) no obstacles. It allows runners to focus purely on running fast and regular track work can really help improve your speed.

The session is aimed at middle distance running (5k to HM) and will be slightly longer than the current Thursday night sessions at 40-60 minutes long and will plan to cover 5-6 miles of effort.

The format of the sessions makes it suitable for all runners and this is not just being put on for the fast runners however, please be mindful of your current fitness level before attending as the sessions are likely to be of higher intensity than you are used to if you have not run a track session before. For instance if you are coming back from injury, or recovering from a marathon and still have not added any speed work back to your schedule, this is not an ideal session to return to speed work and we advise that you have a reasonably solid base fitness level.

Please also note this session will not replace the current Thursday night Park Life session and instead will be offered as an additional option.

Your first session will be coached by Martyn and myself this Thursday at Tabor Academy. Please meet in reception at 8:15pm and we will perform some warm-up drills either in the playground or beside the track prior to the session starting at 8:30pm.

Please also award your coaches some patience in this trial session and provide us with any feedback either on the night or by leaving a comment here or on facebook.

We hope that with the Park Life session in Witham and the Track Session in Braintree, the club will offer as many runners as we can with a suitable interval session this week and potentially for future weeks in the summer.



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