Thursday’s wildcard session – strength training

13 January 2019 - By Becky Grimwood

This Thursday the session will be strength training. This has long been asked for by members and with thanks to Carina, we are now in the position to offer it. This session is put on instead of a full running based session this week.

Please be aware you DO STILL NEED TRAINERS. To warm up for this session we will be having a 1 mile warm up run outside the leisure centre – route described during briefing. This warm up is essential, so please turn up at the reception of the leisure centre ready for a 7:30pm briefing then departure. Once back at the leisure centre, we will complete the strength training in squash court number 2. Our usual room is not booked for us, only the squash court for this week.

The strength part of the class will be focusing on legs & core to build better balance & control, improve endurance, run faster & build power.

Carina has answered the following common questions regarding strength training:

Does strength training help with running?

Yes it will increase endurance, reduce fatigue. It also helps your body to deal with the stresses of running.

How many times a week should a runner do strength training?

To improve your running performance you should be strength training twice a week but even once a week is better than none

Why is core strength important in running?

A strong core helps with your stability, balance and posture. Core training reinforces the way your pelvis, hips and lower back work together.

What is Plyometrics Training?

Plyometrics – plyo for short is a type of exercise that trains muscles to produce power, strength & speed. e.g squat jumps, single leg jumps etc.

The session will be spilt in groups
Group 1 – Legs
Group 2- Core
Group 3- Plyometrics

You still need to bring: A mat or a thick towel to lie on (these are NOT provided by the leisure centre).
A drink. Your trainers!

We are expecting this session to be popular, but do remember that we only have the squash court in which to…’squash’ in. So, with that in mind we ask that you indicate to us if you are likely to attend. With an idea of numbers we can make sure the activities will be suitable and amend any as necessary.

If this session is well received, as I am sure it will be, then we will look at doing similar ones in upcoming schedules so don’t worry if you can’t make this one
We welcome your feedback.

We look to seeing you there!
Becky and Carina


  1. Graham Eyre says:

    I will be attending

  2. Verne Lewis Verne Lewis says:

    I’ll be there 🙂

  3. Jodee Mayer says:

    I’ll be there

  4. Karen Flowers says:

    Count me in as well as Sue Shippey

  5. Andrew Read Andrew Read says:

    Angela and I will be there.

  6. Bethany Shippey Bethany Shippey says:

    Me and Dan will be there

  7. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    I shall be there. 🙂

  8. Rachel Sharp says:

    I will be there x

  9. Jo Smythe says:

    Caitlin and I will be there. X

  10. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    Change of plan – sorry I can’t make it.

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