Thursday Spring/Summer Training Sessions

28 March 2019 - By James Crisp

Aims for next 3 months:

The schedule for the next quarter is aimed primarily at training towards 5k and 10ks due to the predominance of shorter distance events coming up.

*Please be aware that occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, sessions below are subject to change. We will aim to give as much notice as possible when this happens. Further session details will provided on the weekly website posts.*

Date (Thurs) Coaches Session W/end Races
4/4/19 Emma and Tracey 1k reps Fri: Track 5K – Sun: MCR marathon
11/4/19 Emma and Scott 300s Sun: Little Bromley 10K
18/4/19 DJ and Kerry Wildcard
25/4/19 James and Karen 30 30s Sun: LDN marathon
2/5/19 Carina and Sasha Core Strength Mon: May Day 10 mile
9/5/19 Becky and Kerry WRC Summer 5K race Sun: HSD marathon
16/5/19 Becky and James Short pyramids at Dancing Dicks Sun: Baddow 10 mile
23/5/19 Rach and Sasha 400s at River Walk
30/5/19 DJ and Carina WRC Summer 5K race Mon: HBO 10K
6/6/19 Martyn and Penny 400s at Rickstones Track Sun:Southend half
13/6/19 Scott and James Parklife
20/6/19 Martyn and Penny WRC Summer 5K race
27/6/19 Becky and Karen Fartlek at Rickstones Track Fri: Springfield Friday 5 miles
4/7/19 Emma and Carina Hills at The Orchard

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