Thursday Training Details – Kenyan Hills

11 September 2019 - By Scott Darney


This Thursday Jodee Mayer and I will try another new session recommended by one of our members.

This session is called Kenyan Hills and here is a description of the session that I found with credit going to Garmin:

“Hill running of all types develops the strength in your leg muscles and tendons without putting them under the type of stress they are exposed to during fast interval running.
Run up a 7—10% gradient for 30 seconds to two minutes at a solid steady pace. Turn immediately at the top and run down the hill with a long relaxed stride, then turn and repeat without resting.
We discovered this type of hill session when we were training in Kenya with some elite Kenyan athletes,
so we call them Kenyan hills. They constitute key conditioning sessions. Like a threshold run, during a hill session you should be working at about 8—8.5 out of 10 and be able to utter just 4 or 5 words.”

The goal of the session is to run the uphill efforts and downhill efforts at the same pace (roughly Tuesday tempo pace but no faster) however the effort will be more relaxed on the way down and this will form some kind of recovery.

For the inaugural Kenyan Hill session we will meet at the usual place in Witham Leisure Centre for a briefing and then make our way to the green at the bottom of Spa Road, opposite the entrance to Asda.

We will then give you the option of doing 3 x 2 hill reps (1 rep = up and down) or 3 x 3 hill reps with a 2 minute break in between – the aim being we work for roughly 8-10 minutes before resting and going again. There may be the option of a final hill burst or set depending on time but the session will last the usual 30 minutes.

Jodee and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday and will welcome any feedback on the session afterwards.

Thanks and see you all on Thursday!

Scott Darney & Jodee Mayer

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