Thursday Training Details – 60/30 Fartlek and Braintree Track

18 July 2019 - By Scott Darney

Once again we have 2 options for you this week for developing your speed:

1. 60/30 Fartlec – 7.30pm, Witham Leisure Centre

This will be a straight forward session of 20 x 60/30 which is simply 60 seconds effort followed by 30 seconds recovery. The sessions will last exactly 30 minutes.
The recommended paces for the first 10 efforts will be 10k pace and for the second 10 efforts 5k pace. This is to ensure that you sustain your effort through the whole session and don’t blow-up in the first half!

2. Track Session – 8.15pm, Braintree Track, Tabor Academy

This will be in the same format as the previous Thursday track sessions, being roughly 10k in distance and lasting approximately 45 minutes. The workout details are revealed on the night with varying reps ranging from 400m to 2000m.

With both sessions, consistent pacing is more important than recording 1 or 2 record breaking fast reps!

Please arrive early to ensure a prompt start for both sessions.



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