Thursday Training – 321 Progressive Fartlek

23 October 2019 - By Scott Darney

This week will see us introduce another new session with an adaptation of a timed Fartlek which we will perform at the Eastways Industrial Estate 400m loop.

We will meet at the Leisure Centre at 7:30pm and then take a jog down to the industrial estate.

This is another progressive session where athletes will be asked to keep moving throughout each of the 2 x 14 minute efforts, which includes some hard efforts and some recovery jogging.

The session is as follows:

1 Eastways 400m lap at marathon to half marathon pace
2/3 lap at HM to 10k pace
1/3 lap at increased pace (sprint finish).
1 lap easy jogging recovery.

This will be performed for a total of 14 minutes where we will have a 2 minutes standing recovery and then go again for another 14 minutes.

The below image is included for guidance.

The purpose of this session is practice increasing pace within and at the end of the race. The advised paces are there for guidance only and you can amend if required to suit your level and current fitness or a particular race you might be training for – feel free to ask for further guidance on the night.

For those that are curious, it is adapted from a session structured around a 3 minute effort, 2 minute effort, 1 minute effort then moving recovery. Whilst the timing won’t be quite the same, the principles remain and it will provide athletes with a good workout.

As with all new sessions we welcome all positive, negative and constructive feedback so please feel free to let us know what you think afterwards.

Looks forward to seeing you there and remember – Halloween is next week so no scary masks please!


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