Thursday Track Fees in August

6 August 2019 - By Scott Darney


Previous Thursday track sessions at Braintree have all been kindly funded by the club. The funding was only intended to be during the initial trial and members will now be required to pay their own track fees.

I understand this is about £2.95 (according to the fusion website) but those with fusion gym membership may have access as part of their membership package – please enquire with fusion for details.

We will continue to run the track sessions through August but the coaching committee will meet to review and discuss the track sessions and other coaching topics in the first week of September – however there may be changes between now and September to please keep an eye on the website!

I will remind everyone that the track sessions are not aimed at the “faster” runners, it is adaptable to all abilities as some of our members can hopefully attest to, but the sessions are intended to be of greater intensity and will be longer in time and distance to the core Thursday speed sessions.



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