Thursday Session – 60/60s

27 March 2019 - By James Crisp

This week’s session is 60/60s at Eastways using the 400 loop.



We will meet at Witham Leisure for a 7:30pm briefing after which we will jog up to Eastways. For those of you who will be joining us at Eastways then please meet in the usual place. We will then as a group undertake a dynamic warm ups.


Session plan

The session will be a 30 minute session where you will be running at approximately your 5k pace for 60 seconds (or slightly quicker) and then have an active recovery for 60 secs. It is suggested that the recovery is walk or jog with the aim to let your heart rate come down before your next effort.



The key to this session is pacing. It’s important to maintain a consistent pace from the first 60s effort to the last. You will be repeating the effort 15 times so please do think about this as every effort should nearly be the same pace throughout.

If you are programming your GPS watch please do this based on 15 x 1min reps with a 1min recovery. Or you can use the lap button to manually record every time you start and stop and effort/recovery.

This session is for absolutely everyone. Anyone racing at the weekend such as the Braintree 5 are welcome to use the event as a sharpener but we would suggest you reduce the effort to a tempo or slightly quicker than your Tuesday night group pace!


What to bring

As per usual, we will have a car so your valuables can be locked away securely. Please do bring some layers as you will get warm during the session but your body temperature will cool rapidly in the colder evenings.

Drinks can also be left at the Eastways meeting point if required.


Karen and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


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