Thursday night efforts session

2 April 2019 - By Emma Austin

This Thursdays session will be a 1k reps

1k reps is one of our longer efforts sessions but great for this time of year for those who are training for those longer runs as we are in the spring marathon session and for shorter distance running.

We will all meet at the sports centre (Fusion) on Spinks Lane for a 19:30 briefing we will then jog up to Eastways as a group and then undertake a dynamic warm up getting you ready for the session itself. This will be an out and back for each rep with a 60-90 second recovery after each rep. This helps improve your VO2 max essentially recovering quicker to go out and finish that run or race quicker and stronger. We will recommend that you run in your usual Tuesday night pace groups.

For this session the aim is to run under your 5k pace; this is sub chatter pace. The aim is to complete all of your reps at approximately the same pace.

As ever this session is for every single member so if you’ve never tried an efforts session before or your coming back from injury we can adapt the session for you.

Tracey and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

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