Thursday 4th June – Speed Development – 15PP

2 June 2020 - By Scott Darney

Fresh from another 5k time trial, the next 8 weeks will be focused towards helping you improve your 5k time in Race 2 and Race 3.

This week we will perform a session that was new to WRC last year, the 15PP which is a 15 minute Pace Progression workout.

You will run for 15 minutes, increasing your pace every 3 minutes until you reach 5k pace and then you will go straight into another 15 minutes effort.  The 10k and 5k efforts will be difficult and your legs will be a little fatigued, so this session gives your some practice running 5k pace on tired legs.

The recommended paces for each 3 minute segment are as follows:

  • 3 mins @ easy jogging/recovery pace
  • 3 mins @ Marathon pace
  • 3 mins @ HM pace
  • 3 mins @ 10k pace
  • 3 mins @ 5k pace

For this you will need to know your paces and I recommend that you aim for a pace range as advised in the below article where I explain how to find your training pace:

How to find your training Paces using McMillan Running Calculator

This can be a difficult workout to perform, especially in the heat. So if you are struggling with the temperature then accept that this can and usually will affect your performance so don’t feel bad about easing up on your goal paces. You can still achieve a workout by performing a 15 minute session where your effort increases each 3 minutes and does not achieve your goal paces.

As usual, please continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

WRC are aware of the new recommendations by England Athletics and are reading and reviewing how this affects us going forward.

Thanks and enjoy!


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