January 2021 Base Building Training

20 January 2020 - By Scott Darney

Thrive and Survive WRC Winter Base Building!

Below is the Schedule for January with the intention of building a strong base to see WRC Runners into the New Year.

All sessions will be Virtual until we resume group training.

Details of the plan can be found within the WRC website post here:

WRC January Base Building Plan

*Please be aware that occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, sessions below are subject to change. We will aim to give as much notice as possible when this happens. Further session details will provided on the weekly website posts.*

Date (Tues)
Session Date (Thurs) Session Date (Sun) Session
- 07/01/20 20 x 30/30 10/01/20 Easy Long Run
10 x 20/40 14/01/20 Fast 200's (Uphill Option) 17/01/20 Easy Long Run (Off Road)
8 x 20s Hill Strides (Up) 21/01/20 Moneghetti Fartlek 24/01/20 Easy Long Run
8 x 20s Hill Strides (Down) 28/01/20 400/200 31/01/20 Easy Long Run (Off Road)


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