Fartlek training – Thursday 21st March

18 March 2019 - By Becky Grimwood

AKA…lamppost running!

The joy of fartlek is this: your session can be adapted to any time or place, any fitness level, or any mental/physical effort level you fancy.

So, feeling a bit tired? Come along and take it easy.
Wanting to train hard? Come along and (safely) push it.
Feeling new to it? Come along and we will adapt it to give you extra breaks as needed.
Feeling experienced with it? Come along and try the 2/3/3/2 method as a change up to previous sessions.
Want to train your body to put on a spurt and overtake your competitor at the end of a race? Fartlek!

The session details –
Meet at 7:30pm at Witham Leisure Centre, briefing will be upstairs in the spin room.
Warm up jog to Chelmer/Armond followed by dynamic skills warm up.
Running with similar paced athletes, you will run in continuous clockwise loops around Chelmer, then down Armond.
You will run fast (sub chatter/sub 5K pace) for a count of 3 lampposts, then recover (jog) for a count of 3 lampposts.
Repeat for 2×15 minutes, with a 2 minute drink/ recovery in the middle.

Adaption of effort for more experienced runners – Decide as a group to run for 2/3/3/2/2/3….e.g, fast for 3 lampposts, recover for 2, fast for 2, recover for 3, fast for 3, recover for 2. Run at a higher intensity during the fast sections but do still make use of the recoveries.

Adaption for less experienced runners – please speak to Sasha or myself at the leisure centre if you feel this session might be too tough to run as described. There are options!

Skills focus will be cadence – more in our briefing.

The usuals: Wear high vis as we will be on the roads not paths. Bring a drink and layers – a car will be at the run location.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


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