Tuesday venue – next two weeks

30 September 2019 - By Marc Underdown

As you know we have been looking at finding a new winter HQ venue. I’d like to thank everyone who has come forward with ideas and also extend my thanks to the committee members who have been taking forward the leg work in investigating these options.

For the next two weeks we will be trialling using the Rickstones Academy cafeteria area.

Our booking is between 19:30 and 21:00 so please do not go into the school too early. DJ should be there early to help direct people, but from my memory of looking around the school, the cafeteria area is the large open area in the middle of the school.

We welcome feedback on the venue. Please bear in mind that the routes we come up with are short term solutions for this temporary position, and that may mean they are not as well thought out in terms of road crossings etc. I would therefore specifically ask everyone to pay particular attention to the route instructions when they are read out, and to be especially careful out on the routes.

We are potentially looking to trial other options before we commit to making a decision.

Thanks, Marc

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