Thursday’s Session – Short Pryamids run in teams at Eastways

2 October 2018 - By Martyn Byford

A change of venue means a shorter jog up to Eastways for a time based short pyramid session.

We will meet up at DS Fitness at 7.30 for departure at 7.40 and on reaching Eastways will undertake drills followed by 2 short pyramid sets consisting of 1 /2/3/2/1 minutes . The efforts will be on an out and back basis, so for example the 1 minute effort will be 30 seconds out, and on the whistle,  you turn and run back to the start .

The learning points are to help your pace judgement and improve consistency with the aim getting back to the start within the time limit.

To make things more interesting and to enhance team spirit we will split you in to teams and for anyone not making it back home within the time limit will be awarded 1 point with the winning team being the one with the lowest points total!

The recovery between efforts will be a minute with two minutes between sets.

It will be a cold evening so bring something warm to wear until the efforts start and I will have a car available to leave them in during the session. It is important as the evenings get colder that muscles are kept warm so please be sensible. Also remember those hi viz bibs.

This session will be fun , but no prizes (!) for the winning team, although you will be guaranteed to be running with someone different than on a Tuesday.

If you prefer to jog straight to Eastways then we will be doing drills in the usual place close to the Colchester Road Bridge.

Penny and I look forward to seeing you Thursday and with no races at the weekend why not come along and improve your leg speed in readiness for the busy 3 in 3 race weekends which is fast approaching.

Martyn and Penny

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