Thursday Speed Development Session

6 October 2021 - By James Montgomery

Please join myself and Karen for this Thursday’s session which is similar to a time-based session provided last year by Eilish McColgan.

After we’ve taken you through a series of  dynamic warm-ups the main session, although originally intended for the trails will be based at Eastways on the 400 meter loop and will comprise:

1 x 3 laps @ 10k
90 secs moving recovery
2 x 2 laps @ 5k – 60 secs recovery
90 secs moving recovery
3 – 6 x 1 lap @ 1 mile – 30 secs recovery
90 secs recovery
1 x 3 laps @ 10k

Please meet by 7.30pm near the road bridge at the southern end of Eastways (drive right to the end), and try to get a short warm-up beforehand of around 1 – 2 miles of easy jogging.

Please be visible via reflective hi viz wear, there may be quite a few cars and lorries driving around and they will likely not be expecting you.

This is probably a session that’s not easily programmable into to a Garmin device or similar, so you’ll need to be handy with the lap button.

Whilst the sign up form is no longer mandatory for attendance on Thursdays, it is useful for us to have an idea of likely numbers if you wish to attend please continue to use the form.

Many thanks,


Speed Development Session
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