Thursday 10/10 Speed Development Session

8 October 2019 - By David Jobling

Our speed development session this Thursday features strides and a 2.5k individual timed run, or time trial.

We’ll head off from Witham Leisure Centre by 7.45pm latest for our warm up run towards Freebournes Road /Perry Road junction (we usually do 5k’s from there) where we’ll do some drills, a series of out & back strides and then the 2.5k TT.

So why a 2.5k time trial we hear you thinking?

A timed training run over a set/regular distance, or time trial, is an important and measurable part of any athlete/coaching programme and enables athletes and coaches to assess present levels of performance and gauge progress over a period between time trials which will again feature in our coaching schedule – on the same course.

Also, as it’s 2.5k, it’s quite easily comparable to established race distances such as 5k &10k for anyone focussing on or looking to build up to our upcoming Winter 5k or the fairly local Chelmsford 10k both in November, but it’s great speed development for any upcoming race – you might tho want to take it easy before Tiptree 10 on Sunday if anyone doing that one.

And, conveniently, it’s also just under 1 lap of our well run 5k course!

We will record times but won’t be publishing results on the club website, times tho will be available on request for anyone not self timing.

More on how to approach it maybe etc on Thursday – Becky and I look forward to meeting up with everyone then!

Becky & DJ

If you do have time to read on, here are links to a couple of articles on TTs:

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