Results 08/05/2022

9 May 2022 - By James Blackshaw

Halstead Marathon

A hot and hilly day by all accounts, on a course that isn’t particularly forgiving. For some it was their first go at the distance, and for others a chance to better previous times. Nonetheless, amazing work from everybody.

Special mention to Peter Coates who continues to break records nearly every time he dons a race number. He broke his own record this time, taking over 2 minutes off his previous best in the open category. Incredible.

Position Name Time
4 Peter Coates 02:35:28
11 Sean Darney 02:55:54
33 Leo Cole 03:14:26
101 Richard Green 03:50:40
158 Sally Hoyle 04:16:16
168 Lysia Jiggins 04:19:13
207 Andrew Smith 04:35:51
256 Kevin Slattery 05:18:27


Colchester 10k

Not the one where you get arm torn off by a lion and a monkey poos in your mouth, but the one where you finish on a running track. Slightly more boring, but at least everyone finished with their limbs intact and a clean tongue.

Great work from who all took part.

Position Name Time
57 David Carey 00:42:32
96 Mark Lynch 00:46:33
146 Adam Hocken 00:50:14


Stort 10

This is a new one to me, but apparently this 10 mile trail race has been around since the early 80s. A bit like my underpants. Anyway, Tom Warman was (as far as I’m aware) our sole attendee, and unfortunately no official results seem to be available ATOW, but Tom completed the course in 1:28:32 (Strava time). Great work!


Rayleigh 10k

Ross Silverton was at this 10k race, and finished in 1:00:03. Awesome work!


Harwich 5k Series – Race 1

Andrew Read was our sole runner at this 5k race hosted by Harwich Runners, and finished in 23:13. Splendid effort!


Jolly Sailor

We had 3 jolly sailors at this Essex Trail Event. And I’m refraining from making any further jokes or puns about the name of the event. Great work gents!

Name Run Time
Andy Lager 00:53:29
Terry Alabaster 00:55:23
Ian Lucas 00:59:57



Thought for the week: “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is because you’re stupid and make bad decisions.”

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