One for the Club Champs Geeks

9 September 2018 - By Steve Hennings

As at today, post the Langham 10k, the following number of members have recorded a time over the various distances in the 2018 race list:-

5k 5 Miles 10k 10 Miles Half Marathon
Women 28 4 25 5 7
Men 48 12 34 7 20

With Pleshey, Tiptree, Stebbing/Hadleigh and the Wix 5 coming up in the next few weeks these numbers will change dramatically, and there is everything to play for in both the Mens and Ladies.

Wix 5 is the only race still offering entries, but we appear to have around 50 club members already registered so I’m not sure who else is left.

Also remember you are allowed to play one Wildcard race that you have run but is not in the list of Club Champs races. Refer to Club Champs Rules  on the website for more info.


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