May Day 5

10 February 2016 - By Marc Underdown

On Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May, we are hosting the May Day 5 race. The race will also be acting as the Essex Championship 5 mile race this year, the first time that WRC has hosted an Essex Champs race. It is an honour to have been given this opportunity, so naturally we want things to go well!

The May Day 5 race is based on BD5, but due to the different time of year, and a potentially larger field, there are a couple of differences which will lead to us needing a few more volunteers on the day compared to BD5.

At this stage all I am asking is to try and keep the morning free if you can, and in a few weeks’ time we will more formally start asking for volunteers to take on the variety of roles. However, I’m not going to stop anyone committing to helping out now if you can!

Many thanks, Marc

May Day 5 Race Director


  1. David Howard David Howard says:

    Sorry Mark but I am down to do the Belfast Marathon on that day. If anything changes between now and then i’ll be back in touch.
    Big Dave.

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