Cross Country Training Saturday – Gosfield 9am

27 September 2017 - By Martyn Byford

Our first cross country session of the year will take place in and around the Gosfield Nature Reserve and will involve circuits of 2 testing loops of approx. 3/4 and 1/2 mile. The course is suitable for studs or spikes.

I am suggesting that we meet at the Recreation Ground Car Park Church Road (CO9 1TL) at 9am then walk through to the Nature Reserve which is about 400 metres away where we will do a short warm up incorporating some of the wooded area where you will be familiarised with the markers and tape followed by a few drills.

DJ and I will split people into groups who will then run alternate loops for around 20 minutes before taking a short refreshment break and then completing another 20 minutes.

Both of us will be offering words of encouragement and technical tips around the course.

The session will last for around 45 minutes and will incorporate a mix of field, grass, woodland and footpath across ploughed field and is suitable for everyone.

Why not pop along and afterwards enjoy a coffee, tea and cake at Gosfield’s Premier Coffee Shop which is in the Nature Reserve and will be free of charge exclusively to members of Witham Running Club!




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