Club Championship 2016 – final tables

28 February 2017 - By Marc Underdown

Now that the awards evening is out of the way, I can publish the 2016 club championship final tables. These can be found under the ‘Awards’ heading in the top menu.

The races in the last few months changed the orders from the earlier provisional updates, and on the men’s side it was a close run thing between Heydon Mizon and Mark Austin, but ultimately Mark came through by a 110 point margin to retain his title with some impressive runs, and picking up lots of commitment points.  It was Bill however who overall had the most commitment points (1725 points) on the men’s side.

On the ladies side, Vicky and Anita stormed through once they had completed the fifth race distance, with Vicky’s late season PB’s giving her a clear winning lead. She also picked up the most commitment points (1600 points).

The 2017 club championship is already underway, and I look forward to seeing if Mark and Vicky will be challenged this year. Further details about how the championship works can be found under ‘Awards’ or feel free to ask me when you see me.

Thanks, Marc

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