A record will fall – Autumn Track 5k

15 September 2017 - By Steve Hennings

The torrential rain cleared to leave a perfect evening to run 5k  (cool with not a breath of wind) and the runners took advantage of the conditions.

Plenty of PBs were achieved, and a longstanding club record fell at the same time with Mark Austin setting a new standard at 19min 30 secs (previous held by John Roberts, after whom the summer handicap series is named).

Thanks again to our timekeepers and lap counters – great job! Well done all the runners!!

Name Time
Alistair Mizon 00:22:45
Jamie Thrup 00:23:22
Edward Grainger 00:26:04 PB
Ethan Ray 00:26:21
Adam French 00:26:42
Name Time
Rachel Sweatt 00:18:39 PB
Liz Stuckey 00:20:25 PB
Carina Taylor 00:24:28
Tracy Denby 00:26:49 PB
Sascha Rush 00:28:14 PB
Penny Clark 00:30:50
Name Time
Heydon Mizon 00:17:46 PB
Giles Sowerby 00:18:44 PB
Mark Austin 00:19:30 PB & CR
Trevor Johnson 00:19:43
Bill Smythe 00:20:06
Simon Scott 00:20:19
Nik Bainbridge 00:21:53 PB
Gerry Greenwold 00:22:09 PB
James Kennerley 00:22:25
Danny Connor 00:23:07 PB
Lee Blake 00:23:12 PB
David Grainger 00:26:11

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