400m reps session detail 7/11/19

5 November 2019 - By Becky Grimwood

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Eastways we go…

We will be using the 400m loop at Eastways, and running as many distance repeats as you can in the time. For this session we are asking you to pick a pace which each rep will be completed at, with the aim to maintain a consistent pace throughout the session.

The session summary –

  • Briefing at Witham Leisure Centre, then jog to Eastways.
  • Warm up dynamic drills.
  • 400m reps in one direction, with walking (by the start) recoveries.
  • Half time extended break (optional – see pace guidance).
  • 400m reps in other direction – after safety check by coaches.

Pace guidance –   

  1. We would like you to run these reps at your TARGET 5K pace. That doesn’t mean I should target 6 min/miles if I currently run a 5K at 7 min/mile, please be realistic in your goal setting. As an example, I currently run a 5K at 8:55 pace, so I would aim for 8:40 pace for these reps. This would bring my overall 5K time down by around 50 seconds if I could maintain it!
  2. Run each rep at your target pace, or as close to it as possible. You might find you set out too fast, then do another too slow.  This is showing you that you are not aware of what your target pace ‘feels’ like. The aim of this session is to get your body used to your desired/target pace, and to help to train your brain and body to the new ‘normal’ pace without having burnout after the first mile or so.
  3. Recoveries. Please take approximately half the rep time for recovery. E.g. a target 8 min/mile runner would do 400m in 2mins. They would therefore take 1 min recovery. We advise that half way through the session you take the full rep time as recovery to prepare you for the next half. The only time we wouldn’t suggest this is if you are running the session at your current 5K pace (not a target time), or very close to it.


Safety pointers – 

  • Please bring layers of clothes for the weather.
  • High Vis ESSENTIAL – we are running around an industrial estate.
  • Drink optional – we will have a car there.
  • If you are returning from injury, please tell us.
  • Head torch optional – it is dark  in places, although not completely black. Please bring a torch if you feel you need to.

Technical skills focus to be discussed in the briefing, so please come along to hear it!

For this session, I would just utilise your watch lap button, but you could also programme in your reps if you know your pace and recovery times.


See you there folks, any questions please ask below or on facebook.

Becky and Emma



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